Frequently Asked Questions

What's the story behind AnalyticOwl

AnalyticOwl grew out of the need for better AdTech and MarTech software for ANY advertiser: A SIMPLE APPROACH TO COMPLEX BIG DATA THAT HELPS YOU SAVE MONEY AND MAKE MONEY.

AnalyticOwl gets to the point... is my advertising working or not.

Since 1994, the AnalyticOwl creator has been closely linked to a series of groundbreaking firsts in website technology and analytics (before the birth of Yahoo!, Google or eBay). Having worked with many Fortune 500 companies and brands in the past 20+ years such as Harley-Davidson, Endemol TV, BBC, Stanley Tools, Nestle, Western Union, BMW North America and General Motors it was apparent that money spent on advertising was always hit and miss. The offline TV and Radio analytics and metrics have always been difficult to calculate, difficult to quantify and difficult to make consistent.

There are many Analytics companies that involve overly complicated processes and data collection. AnalyticOwl makes it simple to understand and consume the top level advertising information that helps make advertising decisions and in turn save money and make money.

AnalyticOwl's goal is to make sure that analytics is technologically advanced but simple to understand, so that ANY advertiser can use the AnalyticOwl software, without the cliché marketing terms.

As we say... No Owlgebra required!

What is AnalyticOwl

AnalyticOwl's focus is on LOCAL TV and Radio advertisers who need to save money and put every dollar to work to generate more sales opportunities and make more money.

AnalyticOwl matches your TV and Radio media schedules to your web data to help determine what advertising worked and what didn't work – and where there's opportunity to maximize your marketing or advertising expenditure. This information is available by logging in to your AnalyticOwl account and in automated weekly emails for your convenience.

What kind of companies use AnalyticOwl

There are 3 groups of industries that use AnalyticOwl.

  1. any small to mid size business that advertises on TV or Radio and operates a website.
  2. any advertising agency that wants to show their clients the results of an advertising campaign (in addition to Nielsen ratings, AnalyticOwl goes a step further to determine the results of advertising campaigns that actually relate to your clients actual business and response rates).
  3. any media broadcast station company (local TV or local Radio) that wants to show their advertisers the results of their broadcast TV and/or Radio campaigns. We work with many local TV and Radio advertisers, including car dealers and attorneys – which represent two of the largest local TV and Radio advertisers.

How does AnalyticOwl work?

AnalyticOwl works with complex big data sets to make advertising metrics easy to understand, easy to consume and easy to use for decision making about what Stations, Dates, Times, Costs, Programming and Creative Advertisement works.

You simply plug in your Google Analytics number (no problem if you don't have one – you can get one for free from Google) and then upload your post log media schedules (these can be obtained from the broadcast media companies and can be uploaded directly by your account reps or by yourself if you'd prefer).

Along with Google Analytics that show your website analytics, AnalyticOwl goes a step further to determine how your offline TV and Radio advertising is impacting your Website traffic.

AnalyticOwl looks at the TV and/or Broadcast Station, Ad Date, Ad time, Ad creative, Ad Cost and Length of Ad to determine what elements of your advertising are working better than others.

You can compare any two time periods you'd like to see if your Week-To-Date, Month-To-Date or Year-To-Date advertising is better or worse than the previous time period.

What kind of Big Data does AnalyticOwl process

AnalyticOwl looks at the post log media schedules that include TV and/or Broadcast Station, Program Name, Ad Date, Ad time, Ad creative, Ad Cost and Length of Ad to determine what elements of your advertising are working better than others.

AnalyticOwl also shows your executive summary of website analytics.

Does AnalyticOwl work with the vendors I use

There are three main companies that are used by the majority of TV and Radio broadcast stations to generate post log media schedules: Stata, Tapscan and Wide Orbit. AnalyticOwl works with all excel format post log media schedules from ANY company.

AnalyticOwl features include an easy way to upload any schedule. There is an example list of vendors on the homepage of that the software will work with.

Again, AnalyticOwl will work with ANY free Google Analytics account and ANY excel media schedule file.

How do I upload my advertising schedules

Before uploading any media schedule, make sure that the TV or Radio company is added as a TV or Radio provider. This is easy to do by clicking 'ADD PROVIDER' and following the steps.

Once you have your list of TV or Radio Providers you can click 'UPLOAD' and upload ANY excel spreadsheet featuring your media schedule over any date range (please note that data will only process from the date you purchase an AnalyticOwl subscription).

Once your media schedule is uploaded (you're encouraged to make file names for the media schedule that includes the station and date ranges the media schedule pertains to) you will see a couple example lines of the spreadsheet. Please name the columns correctly to ensure correct processing of data. Don't worry if it's wrong, you can simply delete any uploaded media schedule and start again – no results will be affected.

You will see a list of uploaded files with 'SUCCESS' to the right…only these uploaded media schedules will be included in the results you see from AnalyticOwl.

Can I have my media reps upload my advertising schedules

Yes, absolutely. IF you choose to give your log-in information to a media rep, it is recommended to use a separate password for AnalyticOwl and one that is unique to AnalyticOwl that you don't use for any other online websites or services.

Your media reps generate your post logs and invoices from Strata, Tapscan or Wide Orbit (in most cases) so the formats are consistent and your media reps should be able to accommodate your request easily.

Can I add historical advertising schedules from the past year or more

A lot of our customers want to go back in time and see what advertising worked from the beginning of the year or over years of prior advertising. IF you have a Google Analytics account we are able to go back as far as your Google Analytics account.

There are, however, additional fees for this one time 'bulk upload', so please contact us for custom requirements and estimates to process your historical advertising data and media schedules.

You'll be amazed at the results…many times it's something completely different than what you'd think is driving your business.

How long does AnalyticOwl take to process my advertising schedules

Big Data requires complex processing and extensive data querying. On average a typical media schedule will take a few minutes to process – there are hundreds, if not thousands, of queries being sent to match your advertising schedules to your website analytics.

It's complicated and timely but don't worry – you don't have to wait... you'll receive an email telling you when the upload is complete.

When do I receive AnalyticOwl emails

AnalyticOwl emails are sent out weekly for your convenience, but you can log in at any time to see all results or compare your advertising in two time periods to see if you're advertising is on track or doing better or worse.

How much is AnalyticOwl

AnalyticOwl website analytics emails are free.

If you wish to match your media schedules, depending on your company type, prices are posted on the homepage of AnalyticOwl and are subject to change without notice.

For all custom application inquiries please contact us.

How am I billed

AnalyticOwl billing is done through our payment processor, Stripe (backed by Elon Musk and other leading entrepreneurs).

Can I upgrade my account to include more Google Analytics accounts

Yes, we offer 1 account, 10 accounts and 50 accounts as options. For custom applications larger than 50 accounts please contact us.

Does AnalyticOwl only work with Google Analytics

Because Google Analytics is free and easily accessible, at this time AnalyticOwl only works with Google Analytics as its source for your website analytics.

Is AnalyticOwl in real time

A lot of analytics companies will tout themselves as the way to see and track data in real time. AnalyticOwl's focus is on weekly, monthly and yearly trends that many times you cannot see in real time.

If I cancel my subscription what happens to my data

Please print and save your data prior to cancellation. AnalyticOwl cannot keep media schedule data over prolonged periods of time if the customer is no longer a paid subscriber. AnalyticOwl always offers free website analytics emails.

How can I submit a suggestion or improvement for AnalyticOwl

AnalyticOwl always wants to hear your feedback, please feel free to contact us.